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Eternus - A Storytelling Community
Unchained | Wynn Server | West Faction | Roleplay

Community Managers: Toxa Vanschiver & Zason Eurus

Officer: Sersei

About Eternus

We're a community of mature gamers that join here because we share common interests and bonds. Our members hail from various corners of the world. It's not the games we play that bind us, but the friendships we forge. Every member is important and never just a number. We're dedicated to developing an environment of camaraderie, merriment, and kinship. Learn More

  • We are a mature (18+) and drama-free community.
  • We recruit the player and the character.
  • Roleplay is our focus.
  • No member is favored more than the other.
  • We tell character-driven stories with an ensemble cast.
  • We roleplay both in-game and via forums.
  • Any level of roleplayer can join us.
  • We regularly host both guild and/or server events.

One Community, Endless Stories.

What began as the Kingdom of Arisea, established in May 2014 as an ArcheAge pre-launch guild, has grown from a guild of roleplayers into a fellowship of friends. We were the first guild in ArcheAge to successfully maintain a two faction roleplay guild on Tahyang: West Arisea for the Nuia faction and East Arisea for the Haranya faction. As time went on, we reformed as a West faction only guild, Eternus, while keeping our friends in the East OOC and for roleplay. With the coming of ArcheAge Unchained the community is intersted in telling new stories together. Learn More

When One Story Ends, Another Begins...

Learn More | Join Us

#14233336 Oct 22, 2019 at 11:56 AM
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Recruitment is currently frozen. Please submit your application if you are still interested and we will review it once recruitment is open again. Thank you for your consideration!
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