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(I'll probably pretty this post up later.)

Since AA:U doesn't allow in-game gold trades for real life money or items, I could probably get into trouble for offering gold commissions like I did back in the day - but since us AA-obsessed roleplayers don't have to spend money to get anywhere in this damn game anymore, maybe we'll be inclined to purchase commissions the old fashioned way!


| SKETCHES - $5 |

Sketches tend to take anywhere from 20-40 mins, depending on the complexity of the requested pose. I don't care what you do with it once it's yours - you can draw over it, color it in, hang it up on your wall, hell you can even say it's your work and that you're DaVinci reborn. I can give a cleaner version of the same sketch if desired.

| LINEART - $20 |

Lineart can take anywhere from 1-2 hours to finish, and the sketch is included in the price because I need to send it to a commissioner to make sure I'm on the right track for what they want out of me.

| FLAT COLORS - $30-$50 |

Here's where things start actually getting complicated - and so too does putting a price tag on it. Flat colors can typically take me anywhere from 3-5 hours to finish. The difficulty of what is being asked of me is what determines the final price.

| DIGITAL PAINT - $70-$150 |

These monstrosities can take me up to a WEEK to finish - and if you're wanting me to make any complicated ArcheAge nonsense fabric physics costumes, I'm not gonna lie, you should probably expect that kinda time if you want me to do a good job with it.

| + BACKGROUND - +$10-$20 |

Adding a background to a request isn't terribly difficult, especially if I have an idea towards the beginning for what should be done. I can do anything from weird esoteric shapes and symbols to an actual natural environment - but the former is easier (and therefore cheaper) than the latter.

| CHIBI / BUST / OTHER - $20-$40 |

These are really easy and fun to do, and I typically only need around 3 hours to finish them in full. I don't do just sketches or lineart for these, though I can isolate and provide them as part of the finished piece.


All prices are negotiable at the time of the order - they can be higher or lower than the price ranges listed, depending on how complex the piece is. Once the commission has been started, the agreed upon price will not be changed. Furthermore, these listed prices are a per character rate, though for each additional character in the commission there is a compounding 5% discount on the entire order, to a maximum of 25% off. (For example, an illustration of three characters at $40 each would net a 10% discount, putting the price at $108.) Just a small token of thanks for the business!

For a more in-depth discussion, contact me here or (more reliably) at the following locations:
Discord - @magistrasa#1303
Email -
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