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This is certainly a work in progress.

The Basics

Name: Khoshekh
Name Pronunciation: Kahsheck (Rhymes with Aw, Heck! Convenient!)
Nickname(s): Kho
Negative Monicurs: Red Claw (This is an offense to him)
Age: His Bajent trials are well behind him.
Race / Ethnicity: Firran
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Occupation: Brew Master, Sniper/Hunter, Alchemist, Leisure aFISHianato

Physical Details

At a glance: Tall, Lean, Muscular, a little intense
Distinguishing features: large (almost over sized) red eyes, unusually large ears, dark black fur, purple hair generally styled in a mohawk and kinda spiky. A tattoo of markings over his left eye in a very old firran script of glyphs or runes from the northern mountain region. It definately looks like some sort of ward or seal to magic users.
Speaking style: He softly rolls his "r"s like most Firrans, but it is not as pronounced. He speaks haraniya common dialect like a back water hick. He speaks Firran and Nuian very posh and properly, though his word choices may sound strange.
Fashion of choice: No shirts!
Armor of Choice: Any type of leathery armor that’s easy to move in and comfortable.
Weapons of choice: Bow and Magic (fire being his favorite)

Background Details

Place of Birth: In the mountains around Rookborne Basin, Nearer Perinoor and Hasla, born into the Nightmist Clan

Motivations: To finally rid himself of the necromancer that took him not long after the completion of his trials, seeking both vengeance and atonement. He is trying hard to start a new life, a peaceful life. Moving as far from his homeland as he can without leaving the continent and owning and operating his brewery, Spite House Brewery.
Outlook: A wise doctor once said, "Never be cruel, never be cowardly... always try to be nice, but never fail to be kind." He wants to do his best to put those around him at ease.

Misc: He has an interest in music and art, but found a passion in brewing. He works far too much, may drink far too much, isn't often seen out during the day, pulls many late nights. His demeanor is generally jovial, only those closest may see the cracks in the facade. He will act like an absolute idiot in some social situations, but it is most likely to hide his true intention or feelings. Should you meet him, he will always greet you kindly, no matter who you are, the rest of that interaction? Well, that's up to you! He gets frequent headaches around some who use certain schools of magic and will often grit his teeth and smile through it, or wince or cringe occasionally. You may see him use a remedy he keeps on him. This only occurs if the magic is actively being used near him.

The Nightmist Clan
Was a clan in the mountains between Rookborne Basin, Hasla, and Perinoor, in an area commonly covered in thick mist/fog. They were famous for their stealth hunters. They hunted and traded by night and slept/rested in caves by day. They primarily traded for produce, as they did not venture into daylight often because the light hurt their eyes, and thus did not farm traditional crops. They did however grow medicinal fungi and mosses inside their caves. Traders have spoken of ornate tents sprawling in an enormous cavern in the mountain. The clan was fairly recently wiped out, It’s possible that some members did survive and go into hiding, but no one knows for sure, being they were a reclusive people, generally wary of outsiders. People just know, according to gossip, that because Nightmist's people stopped believing, Red Claw came and exterminated the them, or so they say, but Red Claw is just a child's tale to scare the little ones right? Surely he isn't real.

The tale of Red Claw
A folktale, a legend told to young firrans. He is a demon that came from within the mountain, in the deepest of tunnels to snatch and devour anyone who ventures too far into the forbidden tunnels. It is said the earth shakes beneath his feet when he wakes, and will cause caverns to collapse. To appease him and prevent calamity, every household will leave an offering in the shrine so the gods will soothe Red Claw back into slumber. Colloquially, The name eventually became a slur used for violent criminals in the clan (not too dissimilar to calling a murderer a demon or monster). Eventually the folk tales held less significance in the society, and were seen more as a child's tale. The clan eventually stopped leaving regular offerings at the altars, and just did so symbolically once a year as a folk holiday, not even really remembering exactly why they started in the first place.

Necromancy and Occultism player notes
This is not open IC info unless He's explicitly RPed a conversation with you, this is just ooc back story info for reference. If you as a player prefer to not know and find out along with your character in game, please stop reading now. Thank you.

He has a shadow slug deep in his brain, currently unknown to him (he knows he was controlled, and his headaches feel like something worming around inside his head) This slug was summoned/conjured via occultism magic and thus resonates with it. The necromancer used this slug to control Khoshekh for many years, the tattoo on his face blocks the signal, placed there by a group of Firran sages known as The Mistral Order. The slug resonates with occultism magic, so anyone actively using it around him will cause these headaches, as the magic acts as a signal boost for the slug. As long as he stays away from occultism magic, he is hidden from the necromancer and his body cannot be taken over. The nature of how this slug works, causes the victim to remain aware of their actions, but they are locked in the back of their own mind, unable to resist and regain control. The "connection" can be lost if the necromancer for some reason loses consciousness, but it can usually be re-established easily. The slug dies if the necromancer dies, if the host dies, the slug will find a new host to inhabit in the near by proximity. It is unknown how many of these slugs exist, and how many people have been taken over, but if you are interested in playing one of these persons, please message me and we can discuss RP opportunities! The necromancer himself is an elf, and would never dare take over the mind of another elf, he sees elves as superior. His intentions were to wipe out or enslave all other races. More to come as this story line develops!!

The Mistral Order
Is a conclave or monastery of Firran sages and monks who worship the God of Wind. They live high in the northern reaches of the Rokhala mountain range. Their monastery houses many powerful artifacts and relics that they safe guard, as well as a vast library. They have sent out (sometimes discreetly and under cover) disciples and Templars in search of more artifacts, that they may be preserved and not fall into the hands of those who wish ill. They have been known to step in to aid those seeking to protect others from harm.
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I updated it! Going to continue working on it as the character develops via RP interactions.

A note for fellow players: Players can know about Nightmist getting massacred, the event happened about 5-10 years ago (true timeline still pending, but can be speculated by players as a point of gossip, they can even claim it was decades or a century ago, you don't need to be correct. there is no wrong answer in gossip!) What actually happened was left vague, and the red claw legend was shared so that players could make up their own gossip about what happened if Nightmist ever comes up in an RP conversation. It can be as plausible or outlandish as you want it to be! You can even claim HE killed them all, or maybe it was a necromancer? or an angry leviathan that got shoved through a worldgate? Landslide? Vampires? A disease? YOU DECIDE!

Thanks for playing and hope to see you in some RP!
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Moved the journal posts over to another thread. Will make updates over there. :D
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Made updates to description, language, motivations and some back ground on his connections to necromancy and occultism.
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began to add notes about The Mistral Order
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