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Full Name: Thelhalaana
Nicknames: Thel, Ana, Laana

Level: 11(At the time of writing this profile)
Class: Paladin (Battlerage, Defender,Vitalism)

Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Age: 138
Hair: Black, Straight but the end curling a bit inwards.
Skin: Slightly tanned
Eyes: Sky blue


Place of Residence: Memoria
Place of Birth: Memoria

Relatives: Laeshanaala (Mother) Halaan (Father)
Enemies: None as of now
Allies: None as of now.

Occupation: Paladin
Tradeskills: None currently.

Appearance: She is a 6'3" Elf with shoulder-length black hair, sky blue eyes. She has a well toned body, D cup bust, and has a slight tan.

Fashion of Choice: easy to wear clothing, dresses.
Armor of Choice: Thelhalaana prefers Plate armor above all else.
Weapons of Choice: Any one handed weapon, with a preference for swords.

Special Talents: Nothing outside of her Paladin training making her proefficient with Martial combat as well as Healing Magic (Albeit limited in amount and efficiency.)

History/Biography: Thelhalaana was born without any fuss, And a quite calm girl until her teen years, where she began to grow an increasing drive towards the clergy, more specifically Paladinhood. Adventure and aiding those who require help. She spent many years in a Cathedral to learn of the clerical arts while also spending quite a lot with other Paladins either in the Cathedral or wandering Paladins and Crusaders. By the time she exited, she had a solid grasp of martial knowledge and Divine arts.

She would then leave the cozyness of her homecity behind, to roam the lands, aiding all those she could afford to help, as she swiftly realized that she couldn't help everyone. There was a limit to her current strength. Even while she would be stronger, she would still be unable to save all. She was but one Elf.


Alignment: Lawful Good

Religion/Philosophy: She worships Nui rather fervently.

Sexuality: Thelhalaana is Pansexual.

Positive Personality Traits: Willing to help, no matter how small the task, values allies and willing to protect those weaker than her in combat.
Negative Personality Traits: Prone to let her emotions take over her judgement, causing potentially disastrous outcomes.


Guild: N/A (For now)
Guild Rank: ---


Likes: Animals, Justice, Lawfulness, Those who abide said laws.
Dislikes: Criminals(All the kinds), corruption, lawlessness.
Favorite Foods: Quesedillas, Pizza, Steak,Chicken Grape Salad.
Favorite Drinks: Hydromel, Berry juice (All kinds other than Blackberries.), Wine, Liquor.
Favorite Colors: Red, Blue, White.

Hobbies: Cooking.
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