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Various taverns are spread throughout the city. There's one at the southeastern edge of the Commercial District, frequently hosted as The Black Wolf Tavern «CLOSED»...

... another that lies in the midst of the Crafting District, where many from <House Omil> were known to congregate before the fall...

... and one that's along the northwestern wall, just next to the gate, known as the Dry Dock, hosted by members of the Ironsworn <IRON>

The space between the inner and outer walls of the city also provide a number of unoccupied, furnished buildings. Perhaps these can be treated as external rooms provided by the tavern nearby.

In the Crafting District is a beautiful open-roof bathhouse. Perfect for civilians to wash away the grime and sweat of a hard day's work (ew). Remember that this is a public bathhouse, please. Be sanitary!

Additionally, the city is home to the Antiquary Society...

... which houses a cult dedicated to the God of Destruction, Kyrios, complete with a statue hidden deep beneath the building's marble floors...

... as well as an upstairs library and study.

The Consulate houses a spacious office. Though there's only one desk and chair, I'm sure we all can come up with some purpose for the setting. Perhaps we can use it as a war room, or an office regarding international relations?

Not to mention the underground sewer system that spreads all throughout the city.

There are four direct entrances/exits to these sewers located in the Slave District...

... a little ways away from the bathhouse (watch your step, for it's a long way down)...

... the Commercial District's slave/serf section...

... and behind the Antiquary Society.

The network also features a tattered "black market" room.

An adorable spot for lovers, though the road traveled to get there is truly unconventional. This can also serve as the fifth entrance to the sewers; however, the spot is tough to reach.

Here's the landing dock, reachable with much patience by gliding from the plateau area and consistently ascending with the use of the special Somersault ability. It serves as the sixth entrance into the sewers.

A creepy cistern...

A statue of a lion's head hidden via an underwater passageway.

The "crossroads." There are numerous directions one can go to from here —the perfect place to lose someone on your tail during a chase.

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