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In the beginning, ArcheAge's roleplay community was large, spread-out, and there were three active roleplay sites and forums. With all new MMOs, populations dip around the six- to eight-month mark. Players who put gameplay before other forms of play will have blown through the content, become bored and move on.

What this did was leave a graveyard of unused forums and servers in the community, and slowly roleplayers started migrating back to Tahyang - which was the community-voted RP server. This has been a painful experience for some, who left land and high-level characters behind. Many members on Tayhang extended their welcome out to help them re-set up here.

The other two roleplay community forums for ArcehAge shut down, and this is the only one that exists now (that we're aware of). Wanderer and I have been doing "pulse checks" to the other servers, looking for straggles and pockets of RPers still surviving outside of Tayhang. At this stage, everything is coming back quiet with the exception of some on Dahuta.

We have noticed new RPers coming into community, and starting up on other servers without realizing they are barren because they see the old server forums and posts still laying around. Everyone is doing their best to guide them to Tahyang or Dahuta, and we want to make that less confusing. Soon, the Nui and Lucius forums will be disappearing, and will leave us with Tahyang (NA) and Dahuta (EU) server forums.

ArcheAge is a small, but thriving and active RP community. Outsiders unfortunately do not see this side of us since the majority of our OOC activity is in the skype channel, and takes place in player-created housing and towns, and in less-populated zones.

The ArcheAge RP community can appear quiet to the outsider looking for a potential new RP home. Many RPers, when looking for an MMO to RP in, will either come through word-of-mouth, or do a search on the internet and look for a forum site. If a RP community forum doesn't look active, the potential for the new player joining will be lessened greatly.

What can we do, as a community, that will help show these potential new players how active and diverse we are?

1. Bringing more visual activity to AARP: Write character journals, post screenshots into the screenshot thread, start threads discussing community topics or support threads other members have written, post in the Rumor Mill thread of any public storylines cropping up and on-going, etc. Even dropping quick shouts in the chat box helps!

2. Do you post on the official forums (OF)? Put the URL for ArcheAge Roleplay in your signature with the servers used for RP. Post events in the Roleplay section of the OF and make sure to make the headings clear which server RP activity is on. Are you a member of reddit or other gaming forums? Pop that AA RP url and RP server names into those signatures for more visibility.

3. Using global channels in-game to help advertise this site: This site's growth spurt got the most traffic through this form of advertisement in the early days, and several of us have continued to use this method to get awareness of the community out to players that don't use forums. Usually what I do is one advertisement a day in primetime, and leave it off with that. We don't want to spam the channel heavily and end up on people's ignore lists, nor do we want to give out more than the URL.

4. Support each other: We support all RP styles in this community, and encourage diversity. Diversity will not grow without support. Even if one does not have a character that would support events, taverns, environment and combat, or different factional RP going on, OOCly we can still support each other. This can easily be done by posting support in an event thread, or any threads made by players asking for input, new guild starting up, etc.

5. Mirage Monthly: There's a lot of work that goes into the Mirage Monthly, and it is a community project labor-of-love for the staff. This is a perfect opportunity for players who enjoy writing to get involved. Even a once-off article helps the staff with content, and making advertisements for your RP ventures and businesses, and submitting them to the community-driven paper. What goes in those issues is a permanent record of the stories and roleplay that shape our community.

In conclusion, most of the things listed above take little effort to do, and would bring so much more visibility of our activity to the outsider peeking in. :)
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