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Side note: I was asked if I could make a separate post on this, and sticky it by a few members of the community, so here it is! I will go through it later and clean it up. If anyone else would like to contribute advice or links, please feel free to add to this thread.


Are you brand new to roleplaying, and trying it out for your first time, but don't know where to start? Here is some advice to help you get started:

1. Start with getting a feel for the game.
MMOs tend to be strongly themed, and getting a feel for the way the theme works helps out with getting started in creating a character that fits into the world.

2. Give your character a history.
They are not newly born to the game, even if the game is new to you. Where were they born in the world? What events shaped their personality? How do they react to common situations?

3. Keep your character close to yourself, but not too close.
I usually don't suggest adopting a wildly different personality from a new roleplayer's own self. If you are shy, don't make a character the exact opposite. As you get better at RPing, you will be more confident to handle different personalities, accents, and other things. Just remember that in the world of RP, you are not your character. What happens to your character does not happen to you. That is a very important aspect in roleplay. We are essentially playing roles, much in the same way that actors do in a movie. Actors are not the people they portray, and do lots of research to play believable characters.

4. Do not make your character too powerful.
There are very few challenges for characters that are powerful in magic and with physical capabilities, lots of wealth, and strong emotions. Most roleplay involves conflict to create story, and there isn't much that threatens a powerful character. Be modest and reasonable; give the characters some strengths and some weaknesses.

5. Get familiar with your character.
This may seem a little odd but take the time to do this. You will have to decide how your character is going to behave facing unpredictable situations. Often in split second decisions. If you can really feel into your character you do not have to worry about how to do this. It will come naturally to you. Some people write character journals to help them get to know their characters better, and some create character sheets.

6. Do not be too explicit at first.
You don't tell the story of your life to the first stranger you meet, do you? It's the same in RP. For a new RPer, if you do not tell too much about your character, it also allows you to change your character somewhat to make it fit in more in the game.

7. Make your first character social.
The aim of roleplay is to interact with other players and play out the reactions of your characters to events, making up the history as you do so. Loners, or anti-social characters, are extremely difficult to RP well, and are usually character types I recommend to advanced RPers. This includes characters that distrust everybody, are foreigners, have severe disabilities (mental or physical) or are flat-out evil.

8. Wait, but wait actively.
This is the hardest thing to do, getting involved in the game itself. You are new to the game, and nobody knows you yet. There are all kinds of ongoing plots, relations and histories that you know nothing of. This is unfortunate, but you cannot force your way into things. Wait patiently for others to notice you and start interacting. There is little you can do to speed up things, but it usually helps a lot by being around the public gathering places, such as taverns and public events. It's a good idea to actively seek out other players and try to make friends with them. Also, do not jump in immediately in any activity going on, but stay back a little until you figured out the roles and behaviour of the other characters present. Of course you are free to offer an occasional remark and do whatever is fitting for your character to do. Sooner or later people will include you in the conversation, and likely sooner if you are not overdoing your actions.

Here's some helpful links to further learn about roleplaying, character-building, world-building and other things. Warning! They're more advanced help and tips, so if they seem like they're written in a different language, don't worry about reading. xD

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So if you're to intimidated to read all of the above and are a more visual learner then The Human Floyd is working on a comprehensive four(4) part video series that helps players to learn how to RP!

Roleplaying in MMO's, a Beginners Guide (Introduction)

Roleplaying in MMO's, a Beginners Guide (Part 1: Enter the World)
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Though the youtube videos are helpful, the above read is by and far, just a few minutes of reading.

Take the time to read the information provided. If reading that intimidates you, then you may consider not doing public RP events, as the wall of text you'll see will really intimidate you!
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5 minutes reading or 30 minutes watching videos?

The choice is yours.
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