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Hey Easties! Many in the community have been pushing City of Towers as the main RP hub of the East. This is because of a variety of reasons such as its myriad of well furnished and NPC populated buildings and areas, its convenient location in the middle of the other major provinces, its easy accessibility to low level players, and the high amount of traffic it sees from both high and low level players.

In this thread, I will be detailing a few of the many points of interest in the City of Towers so you can learn a bit more about what the town has to offer. These are very interesting areas where you may like to roleplay and may even find people roleplaying at regularly.

The Map
Here is a map of the city pinpointing each of the points of interest described below.

1. East Main Inn
This inn is located right off East Main Street, right next to the Eastern entrance into the city. It features a well furnished building with many ambient NPC's. It has a creepy basement, a decorated dining floor, a more intimate second floor, a third floor with a bunch of beds, and a nice quiet rooftop. Adjacent to the Inn is a small tavern that may provide a bit more privacy should you need it.

2. Tiger Tavern
This tavern is located right across the street from East Main Inn and is almost completely identical to the small tavern described above. What makes it unique is that the courtyard houses a tiger and what appears to be a guard. Just thought that was something interesting you may want to check out.

3. Shadowhawk Base
East End Homes houses a ton of alleyways and secret areas but the most prominent building in this district is likely the Shadowhawk Base. Its well decorated and filled to the brim with Shadowhawk NPCs. This may be a fun place for you and your friends to visit or even do business.

4. Suntower Park
This plaza houses the eponymous structure, the Suntower, which is the tallest building in the city. It features an incredibly long-winding staircase for your character to collapse from exhaustion in. The top of the tower features a beautiful view of the entire city. Perhaps a nice spot for you and your significant other? *eyebrow waggle*

5. Queen's Terrace
Behind the Queen's Palace, just south of Suntower Park is the terrace. It is known for its beautiful greenery, a breathtaking set of waterworks above its peaceful promenade. Overlooking the terrace is the Queens Palace and a tall rocky hill. This would be the perfect spot for a high profile event or festival, located right at the center of the city.

6. North End Homes
This residential district is characterized by its myriad of ladders, bridges, and catwalks. It would be the perfect place for your character and friends to have some rooftop fun. It would be a very interesting place to practice your parkour or perhaps host a secret rooftop meeting.

7. The City of Towers Library
This library is located just next to the western entrance into the city. It features a beautifully decorated interior with plenty of space to relax, read a book, or socialize (quietly!). It also houses the NPC tutors for learning languages as well as a myriad of books for all you scholarly characters out there. The outside of the library is also quite beautiful, showcasing amazing greenery with two fountains for a nice picnic or get-together.

8. The Crafting and Commercial Districts
Both the crafting and commercial district feature dozens of market stalls both populated and empty. There are many stalls that are decorated with interesting clutter and products. It would be a very smart place for your merchant or trader characters to set up shop! At the center of the Commercial District is an outdoor bar where you can find vendors taking a break or townies just killing time.

9. City of Towers Bookstore
At the west end of the commercial district is a well decorated bookstore with a jolly old bookkeeper inside. The store features a very unique giant book decoration outside the store as well as a ton of bookshelves inside.

Thanks for taking the time to look through this post! It will be updated with more spots and points of interests in the future, so look forward to that!
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There's also a few hidden quests out in the less traveled areas of the city, one of which i believe takes you up the tallest towers in search of pieces of a statue of nui so there's a good reason to explore :)
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Awesome post! I learned new things! And this makes me realize I should explore more!
You could also add links to cannon-lore pages. The first that comes to mind is the library. But there's probably also stuff about the Shadowhawks headquarters and the like.

I'll look that up, actually.
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I'm going to sticky this thread. Nice work! :)
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@Tahmoh, yes! There are a bunch of quests scattered around the residential areas that help shed light on daily life in the City of Towers. They also lead you to certain secret areas you might not have discovered otherwise ^^

@Evelia :O would be awesome to have actual lore resources on CoT and its various areas and buildings. It would bring a new level of depth to the RP we do there.

@Fall Wow thanks, Fall! Its an honor. I'll definitely keep this thread updated with various spots.

Also if you guys know any other cool spots in CoT feel free to leave a post about it and I can add it to the list :)
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