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Selaesori Qhoran

“Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.”

– Edgar Allen Poe


Full Name: Lord Selaesori Qhoran
Nicknames: Sel, Sela, Selae

Class: Skullknight

Race: Mixed
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Hair: Black
Skin: Copper
Eyes: Violet Pink


Place of Residence: Lilyut Hills
Place of Birth: Villanelle

Father: Chang Jeong Li-Su (Harani - Deceased)
Mother: Leorah Qhoran (Malikan - Deceased)

Occupation: Explorer, Arts Patron, & Entrepreneur
Tradeskills: Artistry & Handicrafts

Appearance: Selaesori looks Nuian in Haranya, and Haranyan in Nuia. His ecclectic style and mannerisms makes him a foreigner wherever he goes.

Fashion of Choice: Ecclectic
Armor of Choice: Plain clothes
Weapons of Choice: Sword & Shield, Dagger & Lute casually.

Special Talents: Bilingual Haranyan & Nuian (Western Ishvaran Accent), Composes Music, Attuned to the Occult


Chapter 1. Stars, Seas, and Sands

The elderly Haranyan who raised Selaesori never lived long enough to tell him the circumstances of his birth, but the old man with clear eyes and a weak heart did leave something behind. A small stack of journals – one documenting the tides, another the stars, and a third describing the shifting of sands – became his last remnant of home.

The rest of Selaesori’s youth was spent aboard a trade ship, travelling both continents in equal measure. And, at night, when he was alone and longing for the comforts of home and family he turned to his books, committing each word to memory. So that when one day the stars and sea and sands aligned a great truth was revealed to him. Compelled as if by madness, he grabbed the ships wheel from his captain, fighting for the control of the vessel as the rain soaked crew attempted to pull him off.

The boat then struck land.

The ship never reached its destination that day as the sapphire-studded artifact they found was worth a hundred times their typical cargo. The next ten years were spent tracking down the remaining artifacts of the Astromancer Razab-dul, who Selaesori surmised was his caretaker’s distant relative. The journey left him rich in both knowledge and coin, but having exhausted the mysteries of his treasured journals he himself longing for a sense of home and family.

Chapter 2. High Society & Betrayal in Mahadevi

The last of his jewels was brought to the beautiful Marquess Deliana Devanagari of Mahadevi. Rather than offering an exchange of gold, he asked for her hand in marriage.

The Marquess reigned in title only and had no political power, but her mastery of the social and musical arts was unparalleled. Selaesori was a quick study and his new role as consort fit him like a glove. Despite his successes, Selaesori was never fully accepted among the Haranyans. So, that when the Marquess fell suddenly ill, superstition pointed its uncaring hand at the Nuian.

Read more about The Marquess in 'The Bard and The Bride'

Chapter 3. The Slaughtered Donkey Theatre

Stripped of his fortunes and exiled from Mahadevi, Selaesori exchanged the last of his possessions for a humble theatre on a cliff in Lilyut Hills. Riverspan was an unforgiving, backwoods town and the wine was too sweet and unforgiving on the tongue. Despite all this, Selaesori's curiosity would not allow him to mourn his losses. He would rebuild himself both socially and financially, and this time he won't let down his guard.

Chapter 4. The Ballad of Vinderskörn

A song came to Selaesori in a dream.

"Fair friend of moonless nights,
east goes west in fearful flights.
Beyond the gate of a borealis throne,
Vinderskörn's gaze in a field of bone"

"Sleep my friend this starry night,
and pass beyond through death and blight.
Pay witness to an unknown lore,
a gentle song to hear no more"

The earth moved around him as he sang, his conscience floating through verdant fields and past galleons of fragrant cedar and calamander. Landward, beyond a pile of stone and beneath a violet sky, a man sat crouched muttering words impossible to understand.

The vision would lead him to a shimmering lute, revealed by the light of the demon-star Vinderskörn. Strumming the lute resonates a bright, electric tone and turning the lute in direct starlight reveals white-gold inlaid wards protecting its bearer against enchantment.

Chapter 5. Dream Walking

Selaesori would soon learn that his visions were part of something greater, for they were more than just visions. They felt -real-, as if his mind would travel to some far off land of vision where the secrets of the world would reveal themselves.

And so, when a vision began to play on repeat, Selaesori's curiosity took over. He began a dream journal, copying the details of his vision until his dreaming self would recognize his waking self. Through force of will he awoke in the dream, and began to explore this newfound world with an eagerness that outweighed his desire to exist in the waking world.

With great hubris, he viewed this power to be without limits. Soon, the veil between his dream and his reality would become thinned, and a great psychosomatic sickness befell him that would haunt him the rest of his life.

Read Selaesori's Dream Journal.

Chapter 6. The Watcher's Rites

Through his dreaming, he soon learned more of his past. His parents were heroes. His mother was a willful Malikan seer. His father was a powerful Harani warlord and noble. The books they trusted him with were cursed by fate, ensuring that anyone who read them would live a life of chaos, cowardice, and madness. He sought to destroy them, leading him further into madness as he searched for an extra-planar creature who could change a man's fate – The Silent Watcher.

His journey was not without sacrifice. In his madness, he became both a hero and a villain. He succeeded in finding the Silent Watcher, destroying the books, and changing his fate. But, to do so, he had to become someone else. He became a murderer, taking the lives of his cousin, his niece, and his oldest friend.

Selae became the Watcher's disciple, accepting whatever new fate the it would weave.

Read The Gold King's Gift.

More Stories


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Motivations: Selaesori seeks to shelter the downtrodden and liberate the oppressed, even those looked down upon by society.
Disposition: Pleasantly flamboyant amongst friends, coldly dramatic when under duress.
Outlook: "You can get a lot further with sugar than with salt." Selaesori places a great value in making connections, even with criminals and other unsavory types.

Religion/Philosophy: Selaesori's faith is driven by curiosity and not by edict.

Sexuality: Homosexual
Relationship: Bink'ana'rios

Positive Personality Traits: Romantic, inquisitive, & altruistic
Negative Personality Traits: Impulsive, cunning, and moody


Guild & Associations:
Founder of <Slaughtered Donkey> Guild (OOC)
Owner of the S.Q. History & Arts Patronage
Proprietor & Caretaker of Stone Springs


Likes: Creativity, culture, & society's misfits
Dislikes: Children, Libraries
Favorite Foods: Roast boar, butter-soaked turnips, and raw honeycombs
Favorite Drinks: Iced milk with honey and dry Haranyan wines
Favorite Colors: Violet & red

Hobbies: Composing music, organizing events, and following his curious heart

Character Inspiration

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Character Opinions


"Now, you may laugh when I tell you this, but Ethira is my oldest friend. Our friendship may be, well... irregular and we are often at odds... but truth be told she and I built this village together. The place wouldn't be the same without her. "

Dacks (and Dorien)
"Dacks is one of our original house musicians, and possibly the most well-known bard in Nuia save for Lucius himself. His fame lends credibility to our arts program here and he is a dear friend. He's recently found love with Dorien, the owner of the Inkwell in Reladia. They seem so happy together, I just hope that if they have children."

Cerrin (and Veric)
"Cerrin is my dearest friend, and I met him at a time where a dear friend was something I most desperately needed. He and I share a similar outlook and temperament, and there is nothing I look forward to more than our conversations over tea. Veric, his partner, is a bit of a mystery. He seems strong and faithful, and I can see why Cerrin loves him so. One of these days I might earn his respect, if he'll allow it."

"I... well. Where can I begin? There is so much more to Bink than meets the eye. Most will see Bink'ana'rios as a silly, carefree creature. But I know better. We both wear our masks, although I think he wears his better. There is a great wisdom in him, the kind that can only gained from suffering and loss. And yet, between he and I, there is love, and hope for a kinder fate. "

"The former Warden of the IRON Court, now one of our chefs. He's a tough cookie, and I don't make that pun lightly. I don't pay him for security, but he has a guardian's instinct. We could use more like him around here."

"I was a bit concerned when I met the boy and his sister Alondra. They seemed a bit... incapable and green. Despite a few... well, 'incidents', the boy has shown considerable growth. He has the heart of a hero. I've no doubt we'll see great things from him."

Doctor 'Duckie' Quack
"I do not share her sense of humor. In fact, her humor frightens me sometime. However, she is a dear friend of Bink's and a capable surgeon. That makes her a friend of mine, too, and an asset to our community."

"A strong, and capable healer and Priestess of Nui. I cannot say I am the religious type, and her request for a shrine in our town has me a bit boggled. Hopefully I can find something, because I do want her to feel at home here."

"I do not know this Firran well and I uh... I might have embarrassed myself last we spoke."

"A friendly acquaintance and baker. Handles a crowd at her bakery far better than I ever could. She's been spending a lot of time with Flakfizer lately. I wonder if there is something more there?"

Nironar (and Angelique)
"Good friends I don't see enough of. One of these day's I'll be able to fight along Nironar, but for now, I am happy to have friends to share a pint with whenever I visit the Blackthorn."


"Word has it she's a hero now. But she looked at me in disgust when she found out I was born in the east. She even tried to kill my cousin, Mangjol. It is hard for me to respect someone like that, and I am most certainly not bending my knee. Still, she is an old friend of Bink's. Out of respect to him, I'll keep my mouth shut."

"There was once a time when he was just a silly elf that didn't know how to interact with others. But then he got Ethira in trouble. The man is still a brilliant scholar, and therefore sometimes a necessary evil."

Herry Witchfingers
"I will not speak this man's true name. But I will tell you he gained most of his power by grabbing his ankle's for Anthalon. Also, did you hear the man is half-harani? He'd tell you he's just naturally tan, but I know better." Selae blows a kiss to the wind. "Miss you, Herry."
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Updated with an new chapter. Additional edits throughout. No longer a draft!
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Updated character opinions.
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I really like this character, hopefully i grt to catch you in rp next time. Hyun was fascinated but never got the chance to talk to him

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Updated character opinions and minor personality adjustments to reflect his psychological growth.
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So honored to be under the Romance, Drama, and other complexities portion ;)
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Gave this a much needed facelift. Updates throughout!
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Speaking the name 'Montross' to Selae is like scratching nails against a chalkboard.

I love it! XD

Made me laugh so much!

Really good RPer if anyone meets him, if you need help with the game as well he's your man too!
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In a bout of madness, Selaesori killed himself behind the bar of the Slaughtered Donkey.

While one door closes, another will soon open. Incredibly weird RP incoming.
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O.o *eats popcorn and waits*
Black Rose Society's resident pain in the arse
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OoO....*sits and eats popcorn* oh damn! i just read this profile today...and it's so dramatic! I want to read more! *w*
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Camroth is known to be locked in the estate right now, and is not taking visitors at this time. Cause, yeah.
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So as it turns out he was never dead. Whoops! *dusts off the old profile*

Nothing to see here move along!
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Add Vrekka (and other new charas) to the character opinions!
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Okay okay... refreshed the character opinions and updated his backstory to reflect recent events.

TL;DR: Selaesori wasn't dead, he was just crazy. He also isn't a wimp anymore and won't be afraid to go all Skullknight on people.
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