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1197 Posts exists as a medium by which to organize an open, welcoming community of individuals interested in or curious about RP and lore in ArcheAge. We approach moderation lightly, and don't want to censor anyone's opinions and contribution.

That being said, it is still important for everyone to adhere to the Forum Rules & Guidelines for our website.

Our "Rules of Engagement" stipulates that while claiming affiliation with or providing linkbacks to this forum on external websites, these rules must still be adhered to. Engaging with others outside of the website in a manner that defies these rules can result in a warning or removal from the site, depending on the severity of the transgression.

Furthermore, please do not flame, harass, troll, or grief any other websites in a misconceived effort to defend or champion this site or the community that calls it home. Abrasive, abusive behavior is something we do not and will never stand for, regardless of whether or not the individual feels a situation warrants it. Please be mindful, while this is not only hurtful to other real people, it can also damage our reputation as a community and a website, and such behavior does nobody any favors.

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