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Solis Headlands was not one of Verus' more favored areas. In truth, he wasn't very fond of it. It seemed more and more like any job he took in this blasted place was going to take him deep into the crime ridden underbelly of the world. However, there was one saving grace for this land.

The hot spring resort. Every time he was on a job in Solis, he made sure to visit the place to cool down from the absurdly dangerous jobs he always got in this place.

Clad in a pair of black swim-shorts to match his fur, which he had picked up from Mirage Island once on a whim, Verus lowered himself into the water of one of the springs and released a long, relaxing sigh. "Almos' makes it worth the shit this place puts me through each time I come here."

Almost. This time he had come close to losing his ear. That would not have been fun at all. If he hadn't ducked when he did, thanks to a timely warning from one of his co-workers in this particular job... well. He was lucky that all his left ear lost was a bit of the fur that grew from it's tip, rather than the entire top half.

His hair remained in it's usual style, a pony-tail high on his head to keep the hair from his face. Orange eyes took in his reflection in the water. Goodness did he look haggard. "I gotta stop comin' to this part of the world." Verus deadpanned, shaking his head.

The spring he was in was just a bit out of the way of the normal resort-goers. The water was slightly deeper, up to mid chest for him, and it was slightly more isolated.
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