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Physical Description:
At 5' 11", Fenuth was no particular giant. His caramel skin, pockmarked by small recent scars, was pulled tight over lean muscle acquired from his tenure as a deckhand.
Fenuth's neck bore a tattoo of a black serpent coiled around it twice with an open maw and a tail made of gemstones.
On his right bicep, an anchor tied to the feet of a dead man was inked in blue and black.
Long, tenebrous hair flowed down his back, restrained by a strip of leather.
Two bangs framed his bright brown eyes in which the right one recieved a nasty scratch at the hands of some clawed beast.

Born on the high seas to a duo of elusive pirates, Fenuth's childhood was as wayward as the waves themselves. His parents were welcome only on the island of pirates, but even then they longed for the sea's embrace. For fifteen years, the Nui hunted and lost track of them. But a month before he turned sixteen, their ship exchanged fire with a hunter ship and succumbed to the icy waves of the Arcadian Sea after being shot though and through. Both of his parents were disassembled by cannonballs in the room next to him, and he had a four-inch shard of wood impaled through his right calf, narrowly missing a major artery.

After he swam the quarter mile to shore, he adopted the life of a cutpurse, knowing few trades other than pilfering and swordplay. For a year, he remained aloof between town and town, snatching fruit from unsuspecting farmers and tipping cows (Because they had beef with him.) His luck ran out when he attempted to 'acquire' a set of armor from a sleeping guard in Two Crowns. After dragging the clanking armor away, the guards couldn't help but laugh at this malnourished boy before arresting him.

The months he spent doing community service to atone for his crime(s) changed him. Piracy's allure of riches and gold always tugged at him, but the daily slog through ritualistic punishment reminded him of the inevitable rewards for that kind of behavior.

Fast-forwarding to the current age, the pubescent boy had matured into a fickle man, quick with a blade and quicker with a quip.

I'm planning on making Fenuth a sailor early in his life. He's eager and itching for the seas and will start out (obviously) boatless but is ambitious and amoral enough to pursue the pirate or pirate hunter, whichever pays more. But for right now he's relegated to spending what coin he makes on trees to grow his own wooden vessel.

TL;DR Possibly Yar-har, not sure yet.
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