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Full Name: Qilin Ezichen
Nicknames: Barmaid, Girl, Wench, Blondie, Violet, ect.

Level: NA
Class: Monk (Vitalist//Necromancer//Songweaver) (?)

Race: Harani
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Hair: Strawberry Blonde
Skin: Pale Golden Tan
Eyes: Violet


Place of Residence: Currently Wandering
Place of Birth: Jensei, a previously small trade town.

Relatives: -
Enemies: Skaar
Allies: -

Occupation: Healer, traveler, fill-in tavern maid,
Tradeskills: Farming, gathering, husbandry, cooking, sewing, ect.

Appearance: Compared to those of the Harani, Qilin is a petite girl, who stands barely at five-one in height and barely weighs a solid seven stones. Luckily the little curve she sports ensures that she is not the child she is often mistaken for. Like most Harani she has light tanned skin, with a soft golden tint, with soft facial features. Her eyes a light violet, that stand out again the tone of her skin and hair. The Strawberry blonde wears her hair fashioned half-up, divided into two buns on each side of her head, while the rest hands loosely down just past her shoulders. The front of her hair is trimmed into neat bangs that sit barely below her brow. All and all, her appearance does not make her appear any older, and personality at times can easily lead one to mistake her for a child.

Fashion of Choice: Typically stylish cloth that fits comfortably that she can function in. While she dreams of wearing the form fitting gowns many more shapely women can, she always appears to come up with excuses why she could never dress that way. Primarily she couldn’t wear it as well.
Armor of Choice: Cloth or leather.
Weapons of Choice: Whatever she can find.

Special Talents: Multitasking; providing quality customer service; quick reader; on the job professionalism and cheer; strong will that won’t give up; blonde moments; innate talent for learning necromantic spells;

Simplicity had been something Qilin had always complained about as a young child. Life was boring and too simple in the small roadside town she was raised in. Qilin was the daughter of a tavern keeper and his wife. Her early years were spent learning to plant crops, find herbs, raise small animals, chase leomorphs, and trying to find something more in life than her small village. Only way she found an escape was following around the village elders who would tend to visiting guards and soldiers from other towns. So she begged her parents to allow her to become an apprentice in the healing arts.

Qilin, was not a dumb girl, but healing was a difficult skill for her to grasp. Devotion, itself, was not an issue, as she was always very reverent to Nui and the Great Mother. It was the concept that a human such as herself would be capable of using their will to produce miracles such as healing. However, Qilin didn’t give up, and time after time she practiced until she could execute a spell as well as any naturally inclined student could.

As she grew older, her days would be spent as a student, and her evenings dedicated to helping her parents run the family owned tavern. There she would earn herself a small bit of coin to put aside in hopes that one day she might have the funds to travel the world. Each dream of escape though was tainted with a guilt of leaving her parents behind, the burden of the business with no heir always weighing on her shoulders. Day and night, stories of the rest of the world tempted her, making her fight back her guilt or risk it would consume her.

One morning, she was given the task to travel to a small outpost where a few soldiers had suffered scorpion stings that needed extra attention. On the road she passed a group of strangely dressed travelers that asked her for directions to the nearest town for supplies. Obviously, she gave them the directions to her village, where they could rest and restock. They struggled in letting her leave but ultimately a woman with a jagged scar along her eye insisted they allow the lone girl be on her way.

When she arrived at the outpost she found the post abandoned. Confused she began to explore the area only to find their bodies discarded in the wilds. In panic she ran back to her village to give report of what had occurred, but when she arrived, she found herself standing in the midst of the a slaughter. The small village was being pillaged of its supplies, and a portion of the town set ablaze. When she found her mentor, Qilin realized she was too late. Snatching up her mentors book she began to seek out a spell to help her, to protect her, and when she found herself face to face with one of the raiders, the natural ease of the spell was startling. The spell drained the man of his life force and transferred it into magical energy. The art of necromancy that she had often heard whispered and frowned upon by the common folk. This fact both disgusted and scared her.

As she made it back to her parents tavern, all she found was the burning wooden frame remaining. Heart broken, she fell to her knees, and watched. In this time the woman from the road, the one with the jagged scar, appeared before her. Qilin knew she had been responsible for this, all of this. The woman did not kill her though, she did not touch her, she merely smiled and whispered a chilling set of words.

You are my witness child. Warn them. Spread word of what occurred here, and do not allow yourself to forget.

Qilin could barely find the words to respond to the murderer, and when she finally demanded to know who she was and who they were, all that was given was the name Skaar. The group gave no name, they gave no reason her village had to die, and as quick as they had come in they were gone.

In the days that followed Qilin worked to gain her courage and finally leave after burying those she could find. What supplies were left and her master’s spell book were all she took with her. From town to town, she travels, staying only a short time and earning a steady income as a barmaid and when needed a healer. She seeks to find the woman known as Skaar to have her revenge but also to understand why this had to occur, a reason other than that give. Because thats the way things are.


Qilin was still very much a child out in the world who has lived in ignorance to the struggles of power for the world. Her hard work as a healer makes her a valuable asset but her lack of knowledge and unfortunate talent for wielding necromantic magic makes a bit of a danger to those around her. At least, that is what she believes. She seeks knowledge and understanding, to ensure she is no longer a danger, and that she can get the revenge she desires on the elven woman.

This does not stop her from trying to do something good for the world as well. Despite all the terrible things that have occurred she tries to be a positive force than a negative one. Her desire to help others neatly covers the girl’s darker desires. In fact, she really never lets on that anything terrible has ever occurred to her. She rarely mentions her village, her home, or mentor in any sort of tense that indicates their deceased state. While she believes she can help others, she isn’t so quick to believe other people can or will help her. There is also the fact she doesn’t want to think of what has happened either.

She wants to pretend things are simple again.


Alignment: Neutral Good
Motivations: Helping and protecting others, finding her own path, gaining worldly experience, understanding her talents, and revenge.
Disposition: Friendly, opinionated, warm hearted, passionate, naive, ect.
Outlook: The biggest fault of people, is watching others suffer, and thinking someone else will take care of it. You must cause the change or it will never come.

Religion/Philosophy: Follower of Nui

Sexuality: Love?

Positive Personality Traits: Friendly, passionate, caring, empathetic, generous, loyal
Negative Personality Traits: Stubborn, naive, childish, revenge driven, occasionally clingy and immature
Misc. Quirks: Qilin is incredibly quick to dismiss her personal care and worries to listen to others, or to bury them beneath shallower topics as she often becomes fearful of sharing her feelings. This is a fairly hypocritical aspect of her personality as she always tends to pry others into opening up. She is also prone to almost childish and immature responses when upset or frustrated such as giving someone the silent treatment, pouting, or stamping her foot.


Guild: -
Guild Rank: -


Likes: Helping others, feeling needed/wanted, cooking, eating, animals, exploring, having company.
Dislikes: Senseless violence and cruelty, feeling weak, talking about the past, being alone, the darker side of her talents.
Favorite Foods: Potato Fritters, Spicy Fried Bread, Sweet Rye Bread, Stuffed Steamed Chicken
Favorite Drinks: Sweet Fruit Juice, Tangy Soda
Favorite Colors: Deep blues, Bright red, White, Black, and all shades of purple.

Hobbies: Gathering, making, and serving food and drinks, healing, reading, exploring, and socializing.
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Nice. I like the back story. It reminds me of a show, but I cannot for the life of me remember the title. I have a feeling Yang and Qilin will be pretty awesome friends! :D
Yang is love. Yang is life.
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