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(as the conversation between wanderer and his firran buddy is taking place)

Tahmoh was growing abit impatient and bored of the bar, apart from the short snippet of humour vran provided had passed it had gone back to normal(or what passed for such in this place) "barkeep! whats the shiniest most colourfull drink you know how to make?" she obliviously asked the passing serving wench.

'i hope that tricky little bugger found yangs room by now, not sure that moggy can be trusted with this job but tahmoh had no choice' she thought to herself as she idely scanned the bar for threats to her mission...the extremely dangerous and attractive harani had sauntered out the door a few minutes after vran so that threat seemed over for now(though tahmoh wasnt exactly sure what kind of threat that harani classed, she was a very obvious one even to tahmoh's unique mind).

"hmmm, i wonder what greenman and his new buddy are upto?"
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Somewhere in a room she didn't recognize, Yang stirred.

Feeling the unfamiliar soft bed under her, she awoke with a start, only to bet met with an intense pounding in her head. The usual giddy girl, for the first time probably in months wore a scowl on her face at the pain.

"Damn alcohol!" She shouted out.

Ignoring the pain for now though, she jumped out of the bed... Only to feel a cool breeze pass over her body.

Wondering why she felt so light, and so cold, Yang glanced down at herself. Only to find her standing in the middle of an unfamiliar room in her underwear.

"KOKO!!!" She screamed out as loud as she could! What had that pervert done to her?!

((Oh yeah, I'm back I suppose.))
Yang is love. Yang is life.