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How I imagine her looking out and about!


Full Name: Yang Aiko
Nicknames: Yangy

Level: 1-50
Class: Abolisher / Paladin

Race: Harani
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair: Long, wavy blonde hair
Skin: Fair
Eyes: Gold


Place of Residence: Whatever inn she stumbles upon.
Place of Birth: Unknown.

Relatives: None.
Enemies: Pirates & criminals.
Allies: Anyone Yang befriends.

Occupation: Adventurer!
Tradeskills: Yang has a liking towards mining and crafting her own armor and weapons!


Fashion of Choice: Yang likes to feel comfortable when she can, enjoying fashionable clothing as much as the next girl. She enjoys wearing brightly colored sun dresses when relaxing out in the open.
Armor of Choice: Her own custom made heavy plate armor.
Weapons of Choice: Sword & Shield.

Special Talents: Yang is almost always happy. Able to defuse a tense situation with her bubbly outlook on life. Has very good eyesight; able to see far into the distance.

History/Biography: Yang was always a happy go lucky type of girl. She was abandoned by her parents when she was only 2. She was found by the head mistress of an orphanage in The City of Towers, where she grew up and learned all there is about life. Or so she thought. She was raised alongside of many other orphaned children, many who were quiet and miserable. Yang took it upon herself to always be happy and cheer others up, earning her a lot of friends during her stay at the orphanage.

Once she reached the age of 16, it was time to leave. Happy to start out her own adventure, Yang proceeded to travel around the surrounding towns near The City of Towers. She quickly found out everyone wasn't as happy and carefree as her. She's had many encounters with less then lawful people and as a result had to hone her skills to defend herself.

Teaching herself how to fight and wield a sword, she soon found out she had a minor affinity in healing magic as well. She's devoted herself to wanting to see the world and wants to fulfill her dream of sailing the open seas like she'd read when she was little. She continues to travel around, hunting bandits and helping out those in need be it with a sword, healing magic, or a fun personality. She continues to visit the orphanage where she was raised and helps out there on her spare time.


Alignment: Neutral Good
Motivations: To make the world a better place to grow up for people. Wanting to travel the world and just enjoy life. Wants to serve on a ship!
Disposition: Bubbly, friendly, happy go lucky.
Outlook: Always live your life to the fullest!

Religion/Philosophy: She knows the stories of the Gods, but doesn't let it run her life. She isn't very religious.

Sexuality: Bi. Open to all!

Positive Personality Traits: Happy, quirky, bubbly, fun.
Negative Personality Traits: Cocky, tends to be clueless, can't hold her alcohol very well.
Misc. Quirks: Loves to give people nicknames.


Guild: None
Guild Rank: None


Likes: Nicknames, meeting new people, making friends, crafting, traveling, the ocean, fighting, illegal drinking!
Dislikes: Senseless killing, pirates, bandits, abandonment.
Favorite Foods: Steak
Favorite Drinks: Fruit juice.
Favorite Colors: Yellow

Hobbies: Loves to travel and help people out. Loves to meet new people and make friends. Oddly enough, Yang loves to fight and test her skills against worthy opponents. This usually results in the other person getting angry and thinking she is cocky due to her always smiling and laughing. Loves to enjoy life and likes to play with kids.
Yang is love. Yang is life.
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***This isn't written in character hence why it's written in third person!***

Tahmoh [Tammy]: Yang likes her. She's fun and crazy, but in a good way! She loves to 'inquisit' things. Whatever that means. Although she likes to pick on Yang; calling her a bad Harani, Yang likes to joke around with her and hopefully get into some crazy adventures later on!

Vran'Dul [Koko]: Yang likes Koko! He's always so ... gloomy about something, which in turn causes Yang to be more upbeat around him and make him smile! So far she fails at making him smile. She thinks he has some romantic feelings towards Evalia, and supports them both! She hopes they will admit their feelings to each other. Hopefully Yang will give them the last little kick to admit their feelings for each other.

Evelia [Pinky]: Pink. PINK! Her hair is pink and Yang loves it. She eyes her hair from time to time when Pinky isn't looking. She's yet to catch her. Yang likes Pinky as well, but feels she's nervous around her. Yang hopes to break that little barrier so they can become great friends! She can't hold her alcohol very well either. Yang looks forward to going out drinking with her at a later date (hopefully Pinky doesn't ask how old Yang is and if she should be drinking). Yang also thinks that Pinky has the hots for Koko and she wants them to admit their feelings for each other! Also she's a fellow Paladin, so Yang kind of sees her as a sister-in-arms.

Wanderer [Doc]: Doc. Well Yang thinks Doc is kind of ... old manish. He gives off a boring old man vibe, which Yang can respect. He is smart.. Well he seems smart. Half of the time Yang doesn't know what he's saying or what he's doing, but he uses big words and is always writing. He even told Yang he wrote a book! That has to count for something. Maybe he can write a book about Yang? Yang has to get to know him better!

Yang is love. Yang is life.
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