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Adding a little "oomph" to your profile is simple with what some call "character thoughts." Others might call it "insights," "monologues," or simply "relationships." There are a plethora of names for this practice, but what it actually is, is really quite simple.

Character Thoughts are brief summaries of your characters' opinions of other characters. These can be handled either in-character or out when it comes to a narrative style--though OOC is the general preference since the information is meta-information, and not all characters are inclined to sit down and form a cognitive opinion of another character. This can be a huge draw to your profile, because people often want to know what your character thinks of theirs!

In essence, a character thought entry would work like this:

Charak Terr
    Kerfrumple is uneasy friends with Charak, easy to trust him because of their similar ethical values, but wary for the same reason. He finds him predictable, and for that reason, somewhat untrustworthy, but feels that he may think the same of him. They are like two peas in a pod--just one might smash the other in time. As a united force, Kerfrumple believes he and Charak could take on the world.

    Haberdash, to Kerfrumple, is the epitome of perfection. He finds himself infatuated with her, and has not made that a mystery, but her standoffish mannerisms prevent his infatuation from becoming anything more substantial.

    Yatarara is, in Kerfrumple's opinion, beyond the most annoying creature that has ever roamed the world. While generally tolerant of him, he often finds himself going to great lengths to keep himself from knocking out his lights. He thinks Yatarara also seems oblivious to his dislike, but he cannot be certain.

Here is the format guide:
[b]Name of Character[/b]
[list]Summary goes here.[/list]

Try adding something like this to your profiles! It can be truly insightful!
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