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#9478491 May 07, 2014 at 10:21 AM
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Hiya heya~!

What to write, what to write..!? Oh! The name's Rynaria Chuan, pleased to meet ya and stuff! I stumbled upon this place while looking around for an RP community in ArcheAge. Currently I'm in Alpha and while I normally stay far away from anything PvP, I can see its benefits when it comes to roleplaying. I've been looking for a new 'home' for a while now, so maybe ArcheAge can fill this gap with some good adventure funs!

Now who is this strange kitten, anyway!? Well, I live and work in Germany and have been playing MMOs ever since Ragnarok Online launched in the west in late 2001 (still playing it casually). Other notable games in more or less chronological order are: Priston Tale, FFXI, WoW, PSO, LotRO, EQ2, PSU, AION, RIFT, FFXIV, TERA, GW2, RO2, PSO2, ESO, WildStar and probably some others. As ya may guess RO was my first love and my first touch with roleplaying. Other games I once considered home are FFXI and FFXIV (I left Eorzea because of a great personal loss and because they kinda ruined the game with 2.0 in my opinion).

Other than gaming my two passions are anime (mostly the drama kind such as Kanon, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien and the recent Nagi no Asukara) and Japanese music (including Vocaloid). When it comes to online gaming I guess I'm a strange kind; I don't much care about numbers or progress or raiding or any of these silly things. To me online gaming is more like...escaping reality, living a second life, being more myself than I can be in the real world, making up stories, such things. I can't stand elitism and this constant e-peen-waving either (reading through the public channels in ArcheAge gets me worried, sadly). Let's just say I play these games without a goal, really, other than experiencing the world and its people. Only I'm still missing a world I would like to stay in.

Ever since my days in Vana'diel and my life as a Mithra, I've loved being a feline, so naturally I'm gonna be a Ferre in ArcheAge. Not much of a backstory yet, but I will give it some thought before launch. What I can say though, I'm gonna be a stubborn hothead tomboy kinda kitten, as always. Fiery, emotional, dead honest and straightforward, curious and highly valuing loyalty. Not dumb, only naive. Not cold, only afraid of being hurt. Not mean, only with a rather sarcastic kinda humor. Mayhaps this will give ya some sorta idea.

Darn, here I go again. My apologies if that's too much, I get carried away so easily and yep I'm nuts. So uh... If ya got some questions or whatever, throw 'em at me~!
#9478558 May 07, 2014 at 10:36 AM
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Welcome! Quite the extensive MMO history you've got there. I lived in Vana'diel in my younger days too, RPing as a Mithra. :)

Your character sounds great. I hope that I get to indulge in plenty of IC interaction with her.

ArcheAge is a wonderful game to lose yourself in, really. It's hard not to. Part of the most fulfilling progress in this game revolves around personalization. You even get rewarded for exploring! Quite the perfect little retreat.
#9478601 May 07, 2014 at 10:46 AM
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Thanks for the warm welcome! Always good to have a fellow Mithra around~!

Yah, so far I really enjoy the world of ArcheAge, and I've only seen a small fraction of it. As I said I've never been into PvP, but the freedom and many possibilities made me reconsider and give it a try (hopefully it goes beyond that). Still got much to learn though, I couldn't even use my scarecrow yet space! Ah well, more time to do stuff this weekend! \^-^/
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