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The Mother Goddess, AKA All-Mother, AKA All-Goddess
Once forgotten by most in the days of Auroria. Remembered again when the Library Expedition returned from the Garden.
While most in Erernor know of her, primary reverence still seems to largely go to lesser gods.

The Goddess of the Hereafter, AKA The Goddess of Death, AKA The Goddess
The most commonly worshiped deity, this deity was said to have been embodied by Eanna, member of the Library Expedtion. She gave her life to ensure the survival of those who remained on Auroria when it fell.

The God of Destruction, AKA The Dread God, AKA The God of Death
An enigmatic figure in the pantheon, Kyrios was said to have been embodied in Gene, also a member of the Library Expedition. He brought war and destruction to Auroria. It is said that his gift was that he could not lose a battle. He was sealed away when Auroria fell, after killing Aranzeb, Tahyang, and Melisara.

The Goddess of the Sea, AKA The Goddess of Change
A chaotic force in the Delphinad Pantheon, Dahuta was said to have been embodied by Aranzebia of the Library Expedition. Her affinity for her late god-father, Aranzeb, is manifested in her tendency to change people to resemble him. Her behavior is thought of as childish, often selfish and done on whim.

The God of Abundance, AKA The God of Wealth
Thought to have been embodied by Library Expedition member Ollo, Shatigon is said to have an innate ability to amass wealth and resources--a powerful tool used for war during the last few centuries of Auroria before its fall. Shatigon and his army inadvertently destroyed the Delphinad Library in their coveting of its contents.

The God of Wind
Named for the Library Expedition member who embodied him, the wind god is a cultural symbol for the Firran race. His prowess, speed, and grace in battle are noteworthy elements to his character. He rescued all of the Firrans from Auroria before its fall, bringing them back to their homeland of Haranya.

God of Seals and Doors
This enigmatic god was said to have been embodied by the pious Inoch of the Library Expedition. He fought Shatigon in the last centuries of Auroria and amassed a great army of his own followers.

The Goddess of Fire, AKA The Goddess of Purification
A goddess worshiped heavily by others before the end of the Splendid Era, which marked the return of the Library Expedition from the Garden. In Haranya, worship of this goddess has been adopted anew by a dangerous cult. The goddess herself does not represent any manner of evil or malice.

The God of Victory
A god symbolizing victory in battle. Arena participants pray to this god for guidance and success.

The God of Desire, AKA The God of Hope
A god symbolizing desire or hope. There is an annual celebration for Hora.

The God of Love
A god with a devoted following in Villanelle, where a shrine to Aier attracts those seeking love and to cure heartbreak.

The Goddess of Fortune
A goddess spoken of in one of Haje's prophesies, said to be bid for her grace before allowing a tsunami to wash all else away.

The God of the Sun
Little known.

The Goddess of Art
Little known.

Lancisa; localization unconfirmed
The Keeper of the Gate
Possibly embodied by Kyprosa of the Library Expedition.

Adalnus; localization unconfirmed
The God of Revenge
Little known.

The God of Vengeance
A god who is honored by bringing the head of one's enemy to his altar.

The God of Winter
A god who was primarily worshipped in Northern Yaer of Auroria. Said to control the season of winter.

Nebula; localization unconfirmed
The God of Summer
Little known.

Zamra; localization unconfirmed
The God of Probability
Little known.

The God of Games, AKA The God of Gambling
Thought to live at the highest peak of Rookborne. Said to grant any request of those who won his games.

The Dancing Goddess
Named for the nomadic priestess belonging to the Library Expedition, some say that she was the wife of Kyrios.

The Goddess of Hatred
Among the most taboo of figures to worship, this goddess was named for the human in the Library Expedition who embodied their godly traits. She was locked in the Garden, forced to serve as the Gatekeeper. She is the least popular deity of the pantheon, but also one of the most powerful.

The Goddess of Agriculture, AKA Goddess of Husbandry, AKA Goddess of Fertility
She likes to appear as a middle-aged, matronly figure holding a flute. Her music is said to soothe any animal.

Forgotten God
Ageless and powerful, but forgotten by the world.

Ancient God
An ancient god, for which the Eastern continent is named.

Criminal God
A man whose horse was fast, and who fought with twin blades. He was prayed to by criminals in the underworld.
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My only inquiry is whether the English version will refer to the 12 Arche Angels as Angels or use the same god/goddess deity titles for all divine/worshipped beings including the Mother Goddess Thiol/Scioli or the Inpu?

I prefer distinctions for clarity and grouping myself. :/
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That still remains to be seen. Korean is a very vague, artsy language. I think the Russian version translated them to angels, but the official Korean ArcheAge site refers to them as "신들" (shindeul) meaning Gods. "천사" (cheonsa) is the term for Angel, which isn't used in reference to these characters.

Since the list includes figures who are also referred to as Gods in the Alpha version of the game, I presume the twelve heroes will also be referred to as such.
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Edit! Hora is confirmed.
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I know many Elves look to Aranzeb but would it be uncommon for one to worship one of the other deities like Akrites?
#10014828 Sep 13, 2014 at 11:43 AM
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So what role does Orchidna play in this list? didnt she sorta get the role of protecting the gates between worlds or something?
#10203978 Oct 27, 2014 at 09:07 AM
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Added Loka. Adding Orchidna, Naima, Calleil, Haranya, and Harnoff. Confirmed the spelling of Nebe.

Also I'm terribly sorry for the horribly late reply. Didn't realize this thread had activity until I had to come and update it.

All the races seem to worship whomever they'd wish. You might find quite a few worshiping Dahuta, in fact. Even prior to the Dahuta cultist movement, Dahuta was originally an elf, and could be easily worshiped for that reason alone. Of course, Elves can worship gods that weren't Elves or maybe never seemed to have a human counterpart anyway.

As for Orchidna-- I recently discovered that though she wasn't thought to have taken on the characteristics of any other god that existed before her (like Gene did Kyrios, Inoch did Haje, and Ollo did Shatigon), she is regarded as a Goddess today, and is a part of our present pantheon. The Goddess of Hatred.
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Also added Janudar but I'm not sure if he's distinct from Adalnus or if Janudar is the chosen localization of Adalnus. Will have to keep an eye out for him.
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Iji turned to Ezi per NA localization.
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Wasn't Haranyan an ancient hero of some sort and not a god?
#10208036 Oct 28, 2014 at 04:56 AM
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#10206855 Mihawk wrote:

Wasn't Haranyan an ancient hero of some sort and not a god?

Given the way that the lore regards gods, he might have been both. But I have one text that says:

The Sallium refugees continued east and conquered the entire continent, naming it after an ancient deity, the God Haranya. They built a grand city on the coast; on clear days, they claimed they could see all the way over the ocean, back to their homeland of Sallium.
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Big update.
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Shadowhawk added.
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