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#9474421 May 06, 2014 at 12:18 PM
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Hello all I'm Ryaad. I have only really RP'd in Rift but I am a long standing member of one of the most well known and active RP guilds in that community (led by perhaps the most well known RPer in the game in fact) so I do have plenty of exposure to a variety of RP styles and have plenty of experience with RP.

I got into RP because I enjoyed making back stories for my characters and the longer I played them the more fleshed out it got. I heard about a public RP event in Rift and joined the fun! Eventually I transitioned to a RP guild and when that fell apart I ended up with a great group of RPers and am with them even to this day.

In ArcheAge I am excited for the RP as the sandbox elements of AA are going to make having a variety of RP style much more viable and more supported in game. For example I know someone in Rift who has a bard type RP character but they aren't really able to do a whole lot outside custom emotes. With AAs dancing system and composition system you can be a bard without even having to touch RP!

When live hits I intend to primarily have a privateer type character who would be willing to do some smuggling and other kinds of activities. I probably will make him not quite an evil bastard as my Rift character is already enough evil for me. I am actually still undecided on if I should play west or east as while I've enjoyed my adventures out east I find that Nuia has a smaller griefer presence and a more mature community. These observations aren't definitely accurate and there is still plenty of immaturity and grief going on no matter your faction.

As far as playing outside of RP I typically am known to be a bit of an adrenaline junkie. I find myself in areas twice my level quite often. If getting agro means guaranteed death in a certain area you can bet I'll explore it! (For example in WoW I had most of Northrend's map completed before I hit 60.) I also enjoy exploring non dangerous areas and you can often find me at the top of some remote cliff. I tend not to PvP much but I think AA may finally get me into PvP.

As far as lore goes I find myself to love learning all the tiny obscure bits of lore. I likely won't show that side of myself until live when localization is complete and I am able to actually understand everything being said in game.
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