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Disclaimer: This story is based off of events in-game but does not accurately represent the reality, nor are all the characters included necessarily true to their player's idea of them. This is merely my IC interpretation of an adventure that took place OOC, with the rather shameless intent of providing MY character with a little bit of background. I'd like to consider this as independent from IC events in-game, though an alternate version of these events may be drawn from.

Context: Spiral is the 8th or 9th son of some wealthy noble's family, so about as close to worthless as one can be, wfrom such highly bred stock. As a resulty, he is afforded great freedom and has a large enough pool of wealth to amuse himself with whatever adventures and hijinks that a young Harani gets up to. He met Wolfish in a tavern, where he hired her as a sort of servant. He was skilled with magic, and a companion skilled with sword and shield was an apt choice, plus she was willing to get her hands dirty mining, chopping trees and the like.

After months of preparation, Spiral finally amassed enough wood and iron and silk to have a small ship constructed for him. Once it was complete, he was egaer to make his first trade run to the distant destination of Freedich Island, where his father had taken him once many years before. He was certain that such a journey would amass him a fortune to fund further endeavours, and since Wolfish was still under his employ, despite her misgivings, it was her duty to accompany him. Selunaris was another budding Harani tradeswoman who paid Spiral for passage across the ocean to the same destination. His ship was small, and apparently going unnoticed was something she required.

The story begins at the northern coast of Mahadevi, the Flotsam Shore.

Part I

"Careful," Wolfish warned, as she carefully stepped onto the Cutter's diminutive deck from the black rock that they embarked from. As was fairly typical of Firrans, she hated the water, and disliked swimming as much as humans disliked some ancient Firran traditions, like mountain diving. She turned to offer a clawed hand to Selunaris to help her onto the ship, but it was refused.

"I can manage just fine on my own, thankyou," Selunaris snapped. Wolfish stepped aside and allowed the smaller Harani woman to board, withholding her desire to smack her for her tone. "This isn't my first time on a ship, you know!"

"Forgive me, milady," the Firran forced through clenched jaws. It wasn't that she didn't like Selunaris, per se, more that she found how easily her charge Spiral had succumbed to her feminine charms rather frustrating. Said man was at that moment in time attaching the three loads of specialty round bricks from Tigerstone to the ship.

"These are not particularly secure, my dear, would you care to keep an eye on them for me?" he smiled to the young Harani woman who smiled back sweetly and proceeded to take a seat atop one of the stone packs. "Alright then! Shall we be off? Push us off, will you, Wolfish?"

The cat pressed her padded foot upon the stone and, holding onto the rigging of the ship, gently pushed, building power as the vessel gained momentum. She used an oar to guide them further from the shore, and once they were far enough out, set sail and finally their voyage had begun.

The ship was small, only a cutter, not suitable for journeys that would last more than a day. Luckily, this particular journey would not take that long, at least in the one direction. It was armed with a harpoon gun and had one set of breathing apparatus, in case of the need for diving, but once again, neither should be necessary this time - or so Spiral assured his two companions.

The seabugs were an ever present threat from the start of the voyage, and in the morning they had already attempted to board the ship twice, both times repelled easily enough, but it was the third time as their ship approached the border between the Castaway Strait and the Arcadian Sea with Finnea Harbour to their starboard side, when finally one of the seabugs struck home.

It leapt up into the air, its sharp, crustacean pincers reaching forth, and caught hold of Selunaris' coat-tails. With a yelp, the Harani Doombringer was dragged into the water, one of the heavy packs of stone taken with her. "Selun!" Captain Spiral cried, and then, "THE STONE PACK!!" and immediately brought the ship to a halt, turning it sharply. Wolfish growled and drew her sword. She hadn't paid them fully yet, and it would not do to have the tradeswoman drown on her watch.

The Firran knelt down to don the breathing apparatus and went against every instinct in her body, diving into the water. There was a moment of panic as the sensation of weightlessness and total loss of balance struck her, then she remembered the lessons she had had to learn years ago when training as an Abolisher. Calm your mind. Focus. She breathed in, found the breathing appartus was functioning perfectly. Wolfish's sharp eyes detected Selunaris being dragged deep by the giant seabug. The stone pack was long gone.

With surprising grace, considering her aversion to water, Wolfish set after the descending pair, her sword trailing behind her in the water.

Captain Spiral observed from the deck of his ship, nervously watching the water. For about thirty seconds there was no sign of them, then a shadow formed, and he felt a sense of mixed dread and excitement. The water broke and out of it came the gasping form of Selunaris. But no sign of Wolfish. "Where is she?" the man asked, confused, and Sulenaris shook her head. She had no chance to see where the Firran went, after freeing her from the clutches of the seabug.

The water was still, everything quiet for a few minutes as the sodden trader dried off while the Captain peered over the edge of the boat. Another shadow formed, slowly rising, but it was larger than the first. A seabug? Or something worse?! He drew his sword, and readied himself for a fight.

With a mighty splash and a gasp, Wolfish re-emerged with the stone pack on her back, the breathing apparatus lost. She coughed up some sea water and paddled over to the boat laboriously, accepting Captain Spiral's help in clambering back on board. "Haha! You got it! You must have swum right to the bottom!"

"It got caught... on some rocks," Wolfish panted, doffing her heavy stone burden and strapping it back up with the others, tightening the knots this time so that wouldn't happen again. "I lost the rebreather. Sorry."

"Not a problem," Captain Spiral smiled, "We didn't lose any of the load. And err, even more importantly, you're both alright! I will endeavour to avoid seabug-infested waters from now on!" Wolfish sighed and rolled her eyes.

"That would be appreciated, Captain," the shivering Sulenaris responded, and without further delay, they were back on their way. True to his word, Spiral managed to avoid any more altercations with seabugs, which made Wolfish question his commitment to this voyage. He hadn't had the foresight to avoid them from the start... And as a result, she'd had to get wet. And salt water, to boot. The water wouldn't get out of her fur for hours. She could already feel the cold seeping into her. And the weather did not look friendly.
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