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Full Name: Milo Aiken.
Nicknames: "Psycho", "The Twisted".

Level: -
Class: Battlerage, Shadowplay, Auramancy = Darkrunner.

Race: Nuian.
Gender: Male.
Age: 23.
Hair: Brown.
Skin: Light.
Eyes: Green.


Place of Residence: -
Place of Birth: -

Relatives: Killed and lost.
Enemies: Not any, yet.
Allies: The Sinister Society.

Occupation: Guildmember, mercenary.
Tradeskills: Guard and soldier (mercenary).

Milo has brown hair, green eyes. He looks like a normal person on first sight.
His bodylength is average, he doesn't stand out of the crowd, despite his occupation.
He is pretty slim (for a mercenary), which doesn't make it seem like he's made for the job.
On his chest he has a scar.

Fashion of Choice: The favorite colors of his clothes are red and black. Most of the times he wears something like a shirt and just normal pants.
Armor of Choice: The biggest part of his armor would be leather.
Weapons of Choice: Dual daggers or longsword.

Special Talents:
Milo has two personalities; one is normal and one is twisted.
This list basically counts for the normal one:
- Keep his cool.
- Blend in with the crowd.
- Do his duty.

Milo is the son of a whore. The name of his mother was Jenny. She raised Milo perfectly, there was nothing wrong in particular. Milo never knew who his dad was and his whereabouts. At the age of 8 that came to his mind and he started asking his mother. She kept avoiding this question untill Milo reached the age of 12. She told him that his father left her before he was born. Milo didn't know how to handle this situation properly and then it happened; a whole other 'Milo' took over his mind. This twisted, new, Milo grabbed the nearest knife he could find and started stabbing his mother. In the chest, in the chest, in the chest, over and over again. He enjoyed it. When there was no movement in the body of his mother anymore, the twisted personality let the 'normal' Milo take over again. The first thing Milo saw was his mother laying on the ground in a big pool of pure red. He cried.

Milo had nowhere to go, nowhere to live. He traveled from town to town, begging for bread and money. He kept doing this untill he was 16, at that age he met Mercer Fallon. Mercer introduced him into the Sinister Society and helped him with his own special training to contain his twisted self. Even though he is a known member in the Sinister Society today, other members still fear his presence. For maybe he might suddenly turn crazy again! And who would want to stand in his way? Milo has noticed the behaviour towards him and sometimes feels lonely and depressed. "I'm an outcast." he would think to himself. There are however some people who enjoy his company and have trust that he can contain himself. The current leader of Sinister; Serilda Fallon, is one of these people.


Alignment: Neutral.
- The normal personality does it for the better good.
- The twisted one for the pleasure.
Disposition: Member of the Sinister Society.
Outlook: Have pleasure while living and be known.

- Normal personality: believes in karma. He thinks he has sinned in his previous life and that's the reason why he's stuck with his twisted other personality.
- Twisted personality: believes that he is some sort of God himself. He thinks he can do anything.

Sexuality: Hetero.

Positive Personality Traits:
- Normal personality: Skilled, friendly, respects his higher-ups.
- Twisted personality: Unpredictable.
Negative Personality Traits:
- Normal personality: Insecure, can be jealous, sometimes depressed.
- Twisted personality: Unpredictable.
Misc. Quirks: Two personalities. Most of the people like the normal Milo, although most of them get scared by meeting the twisted one.


Guild: The Sinister Society.
Guild Rank: Guildmember.


- Normal Milo: Jokes, justice, friends.
- Twisted Milo: Stabbing, screams.
- Normal Milo: Nothing in particular.
- Twisted Milo: Pain.
Favorite Foods: Any meat.
Favorite Drinks: Wine.
Favorite Colors: Red and black.

- Normal personality: Meeting up with friends and having fun with them.
- Twisted personality: Stabbing people as many times as possible.
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