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Full Name: Rad Baenmore
Nicknames: Rad "Bane"more

Level: -
Class: -

Race: Nuian
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Hair: Blonde
Skin: Fair
Eyes: Blue


Place of Residence: (Will be filled in once playing)
Place of Birth: (Will be filled in once playing)

Relatives: - Has high regarded Family.
Enemies: -
Allies: - Sinister Society Members.
Occupation: - Member of Sinister Society and body guard.
Tradeskills: - Charm and Brute Force.

Appearance: - Rad Baenmore is medium sized in stature but makes up for it in strength. He has short blonde hair with only one feature for people to recognise him by -
A scar across his back.

Fashion of Choice: - Dark Blue and Red cloth apparel, but steel being his main fashion choice.
Armor of Choice: - Heavy metal armor with no areas that could be used as a weakness.
Weapons of Choice: - Dual wield with swords or using a single sword and Shield.

Special Talents: - Strength, Sword play and the ability to charm his way through situations.

History/Biography: - Born into a rich family, but as he grew older gathered a hate for other rich families, having no empathy for anyone and only thinking about themselves.
Growing up he kept to himself but soon learned he had a talent for sword fighting and began doing mercenary jobs for people without his families knowledge. He began to enjoy
this line of work and began to meet a line of shady characters. One of them being Serilda Fallon, who he became an assosiate with for sometime, Before she invited him to join
The Sinister Society.


Alignment: - Neutral
Motivations: - Wealth, power and protection of the weak.
Disposition: - Member of the Sinister Society and body guard.
Outlook: - Help people less fortunate and strong as he is, be a known force to be reckoned with and have more gold than he knows what to do with.

Religion/Philosophy: Rad Baenmore believes in nothing but his own ability.

Sexuality: Hetero.

Positive Personality Traits: - Smart, quick thinker, strong, cares for people less fortunate than he is.
Negative Personality Traits: - Sometimes too greedy, has little respect for the rich. Can be cold hearted if something pushes him over the edge.
Misc. Quirks: Generally does the right thing and is liked amongst people for it. However is known be far from merciful.


Guild: The Sinister Society.
Guild Rank: Member.


Likes: Women, money, strength, people who are too weak to fend for themselves but do the best they can, dogs (Has been known to have one with him from time to time.)
Dislikes: Being told what to do, People telling him hes wrong, cruelty to people that cannot help themselves, Taxes.
Favorite Foods: Beef on its own.
Favorite Drinks: Mead and Wine.
Favorite Colors: White, Blue and Yellow.

Hobbies: - Horse Riding, Reading, Random jobs for people willing to pay, Charming young women.
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