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* In Character *

''Lurking in the shadow with our target in sight as they laugh and drink their expensive wine.
Blinding our foe with our shiny armor or sharp blade before entering combat over some fool's land.
We care not about the way we achieve our goal, we care only for the achievement itself.
Honor, fame and glory? Or wealth, pleasure and power? To us, the choice is easily made.'' - Serilda Fallon

Sinister is a rumored society of shady characters that think of nothing but their own profit.
Though they are selfcentered, helping others is always an option, if these ''others'' pay the right price that is.
Other than their goal there is no particular 'style' in which they act,
there are heavy armored knights with giant swords and stealthy thieves with knives among them.
To some people it is seen as 'the underground union' where thieves, pirates, mercenaries, assassins and other 'shady' figures go to find work and fill in complaints.

Every member acts on its own and is free to do so, though rumors go the leader of Sinister usually pulls the strings.
Other ranks and even the name of the leader is unknown, though there are rumors that the leader of Sinister is a woman.


* Out of Character *

Sinister is a RPing guild originally formed by friends outside ArcheAge.
Even so, we do accept 'outsiders' in our ranks as long as they are recruited through roleplaying.
Please keep in mind that (in character) there isn't much information known to the public about Sinister.
Also, you can hardly recognize a member when he doesn't show the guild emblem.
Please don't walk up to a member and say: ''Hi! Can I join you guys?!''
If you do so, we will not take you seriously and ignore you instantly.

We will not host annual, monthly, weekly or daily events, but may do so at a random time without calling it an event.
Even so, we aim to roleplay with other RPing guilds and roleplayers without a guild.
If you approach us in character, you will not be ignored.

Currently we do not have a website or forum of our own. Neither do we have plans to create one in the future.
However, if we do decide to use a website or forum, we will put the link in this topic.

Most of the current members are Dutch, timezone GMT+1.
Guildchat and roleplaying will be restricted to English.
Our faction will probably be Nuian.

The idea behind the guild is to unify the chaotic-neutral and evil aligned characters (and guilds) and give them a stronger setting.
The plan for a guildhouse/hideout is a tavern open for everybody but with a shady tint on it, we'll pay guards to leave the place alone like some kind of safehouse for criminals and we'll try to add a backroom with a billboard where you can take (and put up) jobs.
You can ICly become a member of Sinister as well as being a member of another guild because Sinister is mostly considered a union and not a group on it's own. Though the members are free to do as they please and do not have to take orders from anyone in Sinister, the leader or more likely chairman (chairwoman) desires to 'rule the underground world' and may always try to order people around.


For any other questions you can contact me by sending a PM on the forums.

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