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#9460588 May 03, 2014 at 02:38 AM
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Hello all I am known as Nanduan or Nan and by some people Nanner LOL with all that said nice to meet you all.

So from what I have seen of everything ArchAge is shaping up to be a very fun and entertaining MMO and much more to the style I have been looking for.

With that being said I hope the rp community grows nicely in the coming months to make it all the more of an enjoyable game and have all the pieces I enjoy in an MMO.

Character Concept: I am pleased that I will be able to create the Song Knight I have always wanted to be able to full build in an MMO. The ability to heal through song while in addition fighting and everything else will be quite fun. He will also do leather armor, music, carpentry/weapon smithing(bows) for sure. Other than that largely determines how the judicial system works and how the castle system works. As Nan will fit into pursing evil doers or being a tracker and information gatherer for someones castle. (And as I have learned the bounty system exists :P) He will definitely be the ranger roaming the wilds looking for evil doers to bring to justice for harming love others have for the harmed innocents.

Roleplay: I have been roleplaying in MMOs since I was 13 starting way back in EQ just after its first expansion. Spanning through WoW for 6 years, LotRO for 2 and RIFT

Interests: 1950s style clothing ESPECIALLY fedora hats, poker, hokey, STRAWBERRY MILK :D, 1950s cars especially the Hornet and Bel Air
#9476822 May 07, 2014 at 12:00 AM
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But also, chokkit milk!

I like the "knight" sort of archetype. Honestly, as much as I've heard people talk about them, I almost never see them in RP. I see the occasional "hero" type, but never the "knight." The primary difference being the ways they dedicate themselves to doing what they feel is right and possibly lawful. I played a sorta pseudo-white knight in Aion myself and had a great time of it, especially in the beginning when everyone around me wanted to be the #1 grade A badass, it seemed. Hah~
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