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The name is Daiko/Riken/Nero, so by all means, pick whatever name works best. I'm a university student here on the East Coast, and a staunch writer/Roleplayer/storyteller. I've been playing MMO's since I was nine (Too many to count, I've tried), and have been RP'ing since the aged days of Star Wars Galaxies through basically every medium you can think of. I'll try to keep things brief, but mind me if I ramble on too much and my posts become behemoths. Regardless, I look forward to testing my old skills along with you mates, and to delve back into the good old days of Sandbox MMO's, albeit with a theme park influence.

As for Daikokuten (Bonus points if you know who this is without Google), while his background is not exactly set yet (My grip on the lore is almost non-existent), his personality and core character are one of a couple that I have been shaping for years now, and am most fond of. Expect a perplexingly curious fellow fascinated with cards and masks, games and facades. Quick with the right words yet rarely meaning them, one wouldn't be wrong in calling him a madman, but being unpredictable is only a problem if one means to be a pawn, and Daiko much rathers to play the marionette strings himself.


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Welcome welcome!

I didn't catch the reference and now I'm feeling like I shouldn't Google it until someone who does get it chimes in. Hah~

Your character concept sounds incredibly intriguing. I do like the concept, and I can see that fitting in with the lore we have now quite well. On all sides of the world, it seems that manipulation and trickery is... far from rare! It would be great to see that from a player character too, considering we can really get some dynamic interaction out of them. I'd be very interested in meeting you ICly one day!

Anyway, as far as brushing up on the lore is concerned, I'm sure you've noticed we have a Lore subforum. It will be getting some additions soon, but for now I've provided some of the sort of historical lore stories that are key to understanding the world of ArcheAge. Hopefully that's a good starting point for you. :D

So~ welcome again, and please enjoy the forums!
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