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#9447225 Apr 29, 2014 at 08:06 PM
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Lol for my intro im just going to follow the bullets lol.

How did you hear about ArcheAge?
I have been following ArcheAge since before trion picked it up just havent played it til NA Alpha

What are your hopes for RP in ArcheAge?
Well i havent RPed much in any mmo didnt feel like it was open enough to be able to rp. and this is coming from a guy who played UO, i have played a lot of mmos.

Do you have a character concept? Do share!
ill share this when i create my character for real as opposed to tring to find which skills i like lol.

What other games have you played and roleplayed in?
i RPed a little when SWG was skillbased before the levels, attempted in UO, Everquest, however never for very long i felt too limited in the games to keep going.

What are your hobbies outside of MMORPGs?
Im a Chef irl, playing with my son, cars ,videogames, soccer, biking, hiking, running, computers, etc...

Where are you from?
im from costa rica but live on the east coast of USA.

as i said im still trying to get a feel for Archeage so i have settled with one character yet.
#9476814 May 06, 2014 at 11:57 PM
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Huzzah! The bullets have seen their first practical use!

I never played UO myself, but some people who played it have compared ArcheAge to it. I hope that it will be different enough that you'll want to get really involved in the game. Like any game, I think it does have its limits, but hopefully those limits aren't the sorts that are so stifling that they'd ruin your gaming experience.

Also good to see someone who isn't originally from the states on the board. ArcheAge really has a way of appealing to a more international audience. In ArcheAge Korea, I played in a guild run by Germans, with Canadians, Americans, Swedes, Brazilians, French people, Aussies, Indians, etc. And of course Koreans. I hope to see that same sort of diversity in ArcheAge NA/EU.
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