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The First Expedition

The following is an error-laced translation I did of a lore-establishing story posted to the old ArcheAge-KR website. As there may be changes and errors abounds, this is not to be considered "canon," but should provide you with some insight to the story of ArcheAge.

A strong gust of wind surged forth from the cavern in the ground. Dust and pebbles were kicked up by its sudden force. In to the vast and infinite sky they drifted, then vanished. Everyone looked up. Then they looked down... Just how deep was this cavern?


Gene spoke without meaning to, realizing too late that Tahyang had overheard him. He sheepishly rubbed his neck.

"If you say that out loud, it only becomes more true."

"Never in Delfinad have I heard such nonsense. You'll make him faint."

Lucius said, approaching the edge of the sudden steep decline in to the deep cavern. This startled Eanna in to reaching for his collar and yanking him back, fearing he would fall in. At this, Aranzebia laughed loudly.

"And here we have the fearless poet."

"I wouldn't say fearless, per se. He was like this in Delfinad."

Eanna let go of his collar, then slowly swung a mock-punch up at Lucius's jaw. Lucius fell, playing dead, then Tahyang asked.

"What did you see?"

"'See,' my ass. There's fog everywhere."

Just then, Gene picked up a stone and threw it in to the cavern. They listened, but heard nothing. Gene blinked, then Tahyang began to pick up stones and throw them with incredible force. Despite the strength of the Ferre's arm, there was still no sound. Gene said.

"I'd guess it's deeper than two-hundred meters."

Gene understood the strength of his friend. As the colleagues spoke, they moved on to a narrow ledge around the inner edge of the cavern--a bridge, leading down in to its depths. Aranzebia cried out in bewilderment.

"Where are you going?"

There was no answer, then Aranzeb stepped forward and silently nodded to the rest of the force to follow along down the path.

"To measure the uneven width of the ledge."

Kyprosa, who, until then, had been lost in thought, lifted her gaze.

"Are you trying to figure out the radius of the entire cavern? Go a little further if possible."

They set off to pinpoint two positions along the curvature of the cavern's walls, so they could measure its radius, in order to calculate its circumference, as they had learned in Delfinad. Aranzeb then grinned.

"Of course, there is no guarantee, but."

"No. This rough circular cavern. Are we at the center of the world?"

Both of the mages present understood what he was saying, but it seemed the others did not. Kyprosa didn't say anything but looked to the two men. She took hold of Lucius's hand and shook it.

"Mages have a general understanding of the cipher. Let's continue moving. Do we happen to know how to make the lift emerge?"

"Isn't there a handle for the lift?"

Olot said and Lucius laughed loudly.

"Indeed! Perhaps we'll let the girls lead."

The twelve adventurers soon began their expedition further in to the cavern, along the ledges. To their right was an endless wilderness. To their left, the infinite darkness of the cavern, captivating them with such contrast, emanating in their hearts. The simple fact that they were present here now, was nothing short of miraculous. The world had many hidden secrets, and they had to be revealed someday.

Finally, they happened upon something. It wasn't a lift, but floating stone stairs. They could use them like stepping stones. One step at a time, descending further in to the cavern.

"Oh boy."

Eanna was pressing on, admirably, but she continued to glance down with fear. She looked to Melisara when the latter said.

"It cuts off."

Melisara had amazing eyesight. She was peering down at the stairs, overlapping in some places, but clearly broken in others. Having even better eyesight, Tahyang came to her side and also peered down.

"No. It joins back together towards the bottom."

Ferre eyesight was more than twice as strong as human eyesight. What Tahyang saw was invisible to everyone else. Ollo stroked his beard, looking uneasy.

"Is there anywhere from here to go but down?"

"If you're worried, I'll let you hold on to my skirt and you can follow me."

Aranzebia teased. The female elf didn't seem to be in the least bit worried about the stairs.

"How will you get down there? It's blacker than night, you don't even know if there's a floor there. You might not be able to come back up."

"Even so, will you not go?"

It was the first time anyone heard Inoch speak since beginning the expedition. His tone was almost excited. His voice was always so calm, it was strange to hear it crack a bit with excitement. Then Aranzeb spoke.

"I'm going."

All eyes turned on to him. Lucius nodded and muttered.

"I don't know if we'll ever return from this. Hell, my world's been turned upside down just by the mere proof of the existence of this place. I want to experience it, for future generations."

Anyone who was that concerned for their own well-being wouldn't have come so far. Suddenly, Gene gave the rock he was leaning against a friendly pat.

"Want to leave our names? Carve them right here?"

That was a strange day. No one argued further about different opinions for where to go, moved by the child-like proposal of carving their names in to a rock, never to be forgotten. Aranzeb bent down and picked up a stone from the floor, casting a spell on to it.

"This should do."

The stone was glowing on one end. Kyprosa was the first to take up the glowing rock, and carve her name in to the wall. It carved through the wall with ease, like drawing in the sand on a beach. She handed it to Orchidna, who sloppily and lopsidedly added her name, then handed it to Tahyang as the Ferre laughed.

"Let's see."

Tahyang awkwardly scribed his name in the official language, like everyone else, simply to make it collaborative, he claimed. Gene wrote his name with some difficulty. Gene handed the stone to Melisara. Melisara hesitated for a moment, looking a bit detached. It seemed that Gene, somehow, had never heard Melisara's name before."

"Come on, I'm next."

Lucius was growing impatient with Melisara and eventually snatched the stone out of her hand and wrote. Then Eanna. She wrote her name neatly, then handed the stone to Aranzeb, who said.

"Teacher's turn."

Aranzeb wrote, then passed the stone to Aranzebia, who also wrote before passing it to Ollo, and he too wrote. Inoch's had a short name to write, then turned around.

"I will write a name for you."

Naima didn't speak the language. She couldn't write.

In the beginning, the Mother created the twelve ancestors, and future generations returned to the place they discovered. They walked a long road back to that world, to the Hill Forgotten.

The carvings in the rock were left for thousands of years. Since then, those who come across this rock will see this.

Kyprosa Daeior


Tahyang Kahlzit

Gene Evernight

Melisara Livolla

Lucius Quinto6

Eanna Nimush





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