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Kyprosa Daeior

The following is an error-laced translation I did of a biographical story posted to the old ArcheAge-KR website. As there may be changes and errors abounds, this is not to be considered "canon," but should provide you with some insight to the story of ArcheAge.

The tall castle tower overlooked a vast expanse of pine forest. It was a radiant sight among the frigid, untamed wilds. The lord of this castle was also known as "King of the Fir". He had innumerable riches, ample land, numerous subjects, and great influence, but among his court, there was no one fit to be his heir. In fact, by now they were sworn in to allegiance of the Northern territories as a simple provincial kingdom. Although, at the same time, the lord of the castle was counted among the kingdom's elite.

The King of the Fir and his wife, Rosia of Devotion, had three sons, but each of them had come to vanish or fall from favor. As time drew on, Rosia became old, and all that remained of her bloodline was one granddaughter. The granddaughter was named in the tradition of the King of the Fir and was also strong in Devotion.

She was named after the crest of the tree; Kyprosa Daeior.
The crest was a symbol of the grave, death, and eternal torment.

There were strange rumors circulating among the people of the fir. That Kyprosa's life was even worse than the meaning of her name. Her father had lost himself to madness, and her mother brought her to her husband's parents' doorstep and left. Her grandmother hated her, and forced her in to servitude for her family, to be raised in the kitchens.

That was when she met Orchidna, her uncle's bastard infant daughter who had been discarded in anger by Rosia. In the middle of the night, she sneaked out of the halls. She found the baby abandoned in the woods, but soon realized that she herself was lost. She kept walking, but couldn't find so much as a hunter's cabin. She tried to follow the stars to any shelter possible, but found herself at the edge of a cliff, stopping in her tracks. She had gone the wrong way. Kyprosa stubbornly clung to the infant to try to keep it warm, even if she in turn would freeze to death.

Kyprosa decided to press forward and carefully crawl down the cliff. In the distance, she saw the form of a man, disappearing in to an old looking shack. She approached and saw that the interior of the shack was rotting and broken, and empty, but it was still a shelter from the harsh, cold winds outside, so Kyprosa entered. The entrance was narrow, but there was some space on the left, around a fallen table, to sit and shield them from the winds.

Kyprosa imagined the sight of lights.
She lost consciousness then
and dreamed of dying; or was it a dream?

She wasn't sure how, but she found herself in a round hall. Lanterns were hung along the walls of the cave. Kyprosa stood and ventured along the hall until she found another passageway. Down the hall, she discovered a room, which startled her. It was her bedroom. Venturing inside, she found that the bedroom was lavish, in stark contrast to the walls just outside of it. The fire in the fireplace warmed the room, and the goose-feather bed looked incredibly cozy. On the covers, there was a blue velvet dress awaiting its owner.

Kyprosa timidly touched the dress on the bed, when there was a knock at the door. She stiffened, horrified that she would be seen and thought to be a thief. It wasn't certain which came first. He entered and stood by Kyprosa's side.

"What are you doing all the way over here, Rosa. If you get lost in the cold for so long, you'll be in big trouble."

Who was this man? Why was he speaking in such a friendly and comfortable manner to her?

Kyprosa examined his face closely. Then she recognized him from a portrait on the wall. Her great grandfather painted many portraits that looked just like it, before he died. Speechless, Kyprosa simply stared at him, but he blinked back to her. This man looked like her great grandfather's portrait of her father, Leibon.

When Kyprosa's father had left the castle, where had he gone? She couldn't be sure, but she felt at ease, and so she relaxed. He chuckled, patting her on the shoulder affectionately, then looked down at the dress on the bed.

"Not too shabby for a grown man to sew in little time. Would you like to try it on?"

Kyprosa quickly shook her head. Such splendid clothing didn't suit her at all, and she was afraid she was too awkward and clumsy that it would tear apart; above all else, this was still probably a dream. Even if it was all just a dream, she didn't want to do it. 5 Eventually, he took his daughter's hand and led her downstairs. Her hand felt like it was in an oven, all the way down the stairs. His hand was strangely warm, and she tearfully clung to his hand throughout the descent.

She was surprised to descend again. She didn't expect there to be two flights of stairs. She was led to sit in a chair, and her hair was tied back. Three families sat there, and each of her long dead uncles were present, even though Kyprosa was born after the death of some of them. Rosia, Kyprosa's grandmother, took a seat next to her and smiled at her.

"My granddaughter is here."

It was like the other side of the same coin--the fir forest she knew, but where everything happened differently. Her father and uncle spoke, planning a hunting trip for tomorrow, and then her uncle made a joke at her grandfather's expense, winking to her to back him up. Kyprosa didn't know her grandfather, but she soon chuckled.
Kyprosa laughed often that day. It was in that moment that she realized where she was. The was the place. The Shadow Castle. She had no doubt that this was the place her mad father had written about.

It was a castle, deep in the forest, that contradicted historical reality. In this world, her grandfather was there, and her father hadn't left, and he uncles hadn't died. And Kyprosa was loved by everyone here. She wished it wasn't too good to be true. This was so good for her, that if it kept on, she would forget her real life, awful though it may have been. Then, the door swung open, and the food was brought in.

She knew the people who came through the door. Her aunt Elma. But there was a baby in her arms. Her uncle Theodoric stood and went to take the baby, and Elma handed him over. "Everyone was upset you weren't here. Papa wanted to see you."

This baby had been born because her uncle hadn't left. She watched the baby, but felt that something had been lost. But what.
Of course, she thought. Kyprosa smiled to her father. "Papa, is that Orchidna?"

Leibon tilted his head at her. With his head still tilted slightly, he said.

"Orchidna? Who is that?"

She slowly came to realization. She slapped her hands down on to the table.
Kyprosa lost her appetite and stood.

She slowly pushed her chair away from the table. She didn't quite know what she was doing, but her feet took her quickly to the front entrance of the building.

Kyprosa had read about the Shadow Castle in her father's journal, and how he had to find it. He studied this magical place feverishly, even when other people doubted him. Maybe he had somehow called Kyprosa to him here. Then where had her father gone to in the real world?

Did her father come to see this place, just as she had? Was it so happy that it brought about his madness? Why did he not stay here? Was this why he left Kyprosa alone?

Where then had he really gone?

She understood her father wanted to find the Shadow Castle. It's Kyprosa may have seemed real to him. Perhaps his father was too busy ruling the Forest, and he and his mother Rosia had come to mutually resent each other? If Kyprosa were to really walk among him, Leibon couldn't tell the difference between the fake and real Kyprosa.
The Shadow Castle was not real.
Everything that happened here, never really happened after all.
In the Shadow Castle, Orchidna was never born. His father had never met his mother. However, if Kyprosa was really here, then she had abandoned Orchidna alone in the woods to die. She risked her life last night to find her. She had to find Orchidna. It was a simple decision to make.

It wasn't hard to leave the Shadow Castle. The fir trees were in the exact same places from the castle as they were in the real world. Kyprosa had awoken in the cave to find a blue velvet dress on the bed before. Would she still be wearing those clothes? Would she be where she lost consciousness, in the clothes that the alternate version of herself enjoyed?

New snow had painted the forest white. Kyprosa tried to follow the direction she wandered yesterday, where she had gotten lost, and she heard a baby cry. From a distance, she also heard a wolf howl. This startled her. She continued at a brisk pace, hoping to find the baby in a basket. She ran. Her cape snagged on fir branches, causing snow to crumble from the top of the trees. She hadn't frozen to death. She prayed she was alive.
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